A few years after the demise of the seminal Dischord punk band Circus Lupus, members Chris Thompson and Chris Hamley reconvened to launch Hamley’s cutting guitar lines again joined with Thompson’s patented sneering no-bullshit vocals. This time however, Andy Cone provided a second guitar, adding to the intensity. Live shows were gloriously deafening, with Andy Coronado and Tom Allnut holding everything together rhythmically. After debuting with a few seven-inch singles in 1996, Monorchid released the debut album Let Them Eat…The Monorchid on Lovitt Records and the soon began to develop a strong underground following. Touch and Go Records released their sophomore release, Who Put The Fire Out, as the band was breaking up in 1998.

After Monorchid, Chris Thompson promptly started Skull Kontrol, with Andy Coronado moving to lead guitar, and friends Kim Thompson (ex-Delta 72 and Cupid Car Club) joining on bass and Brooks Headly (ex-Universal Order Of Armageddon) on drums.

– Justin Sinkovich

Touch & Go 25 – The Monorchid

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