The Jesus Lizard is an alternative rock band formed in 1987 in Austin, Texas, and based in Chicago, Illinois from 1989 to 1999.

Guitarist Duane Denison recruited David Yow, formerly of Scratch Acid to play bass on some songs he wanted to record. Yow suggested that he sing and have former Scratch Acid bassist David Wm. Sims play bass instead. The trio rehearsed several times in Austin with a drum machine. Yow and Sims moved to Chicago in 1988 and Denison followed suit the next year.

The first EP, Pure, was produced by Steve Albini and released by Touch & Go Records in 1989. It is the only record by the band that uses a drum machine.

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The Jesus Lizard, live at the Paradise Rock Club, November 14, 2009 — Read the Review

The Jesus Lizard “Puss” Live In Boston 11/14/09

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