Named after Lughnasadh, an ancient Irish harvest festival, Lúnasa was started when Seán Smyth, Trevor Hutchinson, and Donogh Hennessy briefly toured through Scandinavia in 1996. Upon their return to Ireland, they teamed up with Michael McGoldrick and John McSherry to record a few tracks for what would be their first album. In 1997, Kevin Crawford joined the group.

In 1999, the group signed a three year contract with Green Linnet Records. After releasing three albums under the label, they terminated their contract.

In 2004, Donogh Hennessy left the group. He subsequently recorded an album as a duet with Pauline Scanlon – previously of the Sharon Shannon band – the culmination of a project entitled ‘Deora De’, an album comprising tunes and songs. He was eventually replaced by Paul Meehan.

The group tours for a majority of each year.

Lunasa on MySpace

Lunasa playing Morning Nightcap

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