The Roughneck Riot ,formed in March 2005, hailed as one of Warringtons most energetic, raucous and messy punk bands with a sound that could turn holy water to piss. Since these early days, the band has progressed from the 4 piece bunch of teenage guys to the 6 piece orchestra of twisted celtic punk rockers you see today!! Taking influences from bands such as The Mahones, The Pogues, The Clash, Johnny Cash and The Urban Voodoo Machine, the bands sound has evolved into the whiskey soaked, guinness fueled, neighbour disturbing collection of songs that you cant help but party to!!

The crew consists of Matty Humphries (Singer/Song writer/ Mandolin/ Acoustic Guitar), Ryan Taylor (Bass/Vocals), Simon Cowley (Drums) and the newest members to the squad: Jade Franklin (Accordion), Caitlin Costello (Banjo/Vocals) and Chris Green (Lead Gutiar/ Vocals)…

The Roughneck Riot on Facebook

The Roughneck Riot on MySpace Page

Review: The Roughneck Riot are punk-as-folk

The Roughneck Riot – Ignorance Is Easy

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