Q And Not U, John Davis, Harris Klahr and Chris Richards, formed in the summer of 1998 (along with former member Matt Borlik) and began playing out in November of that year. The band’s first release, the “Hot and Informed” single, came out in April 2000 followed by the band’s debut full-length, “No Kill No Beep Beep,” released in October of 2000. After much touring in support of their album the band parted ways with Borlik and continued as a three piece, releasing the single, “On Play Patterns,” in April of 2002 and their second full-length, “Different Damage,” in the fall of that same year. Q And Not U toured extensively, in the U.S., Europe, Canada and Japan, with friends like Black Eyes, El Guapo (supersystem), Antelope, Erase Eratta, Ted Leo/ Pharmacists, and many more. The band released it’s final album, “Power”, in October 2004 and parted ways one year later…Read More

Q and not U on MySpace

q and not u – wonderful people (nasti.madrid)

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