“they are tarnishing the reputation of Limerick; they are glorifying drug use; they use foul language that will ruin the minds of a generation of innocent little Irish children”

The RubberBandits are a comedy hip-hop duo from Limerick City in Ireland. Primarily a stage and television act, they have performed throughout Ireland, at such events as Electric Picnic and the Bulmers International Comedy Festival,[and have played with Alabama Three, Super Extra Bonus Party and Ice Cube. Their music is primarily distributed through the internet, or by bootleg discs, although a number of their tracks have been issued on a limited edition eponymous album.

The members deliberately conceal their identity on stage and in interviews by disguising their faces with plastic bags. They perform under the names Blindboy Boatclub and Mr. Chrome. The pair were identified in an article in the Irish Independent of 17th December 2010 as Dave Chambers (Blind Boy Boat Club) and Bob McGlynn (Mr Chrome)....read more on Wikipedia

Rubberbandits,Bag of Glue (Official Video) HD

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