The Atlantic Pirates are an Irish folk band. There isn’t much information available on the band — however the comments on this video are insightful…

“`you are a liar as useual your probably a fat middle aged impotent and lets not forget jelous person who hasnothing better to do than abuse people i am playing in taffes or garavans every weekend bring your wife so i can give her a good seeing to when im done kicking you up and down the street you dont now any of the kelly family they wouldnt even assosiate with a bastard like you and the only tumor i have is rotten little fuckers like you go and crawl back into your hole small boy”

Atlantic Pirates … “Raglan Road”

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  1. Mike states says:

    We will be in Dublin and would like to know where you might be playing between Monday the 17th and Thursday the 20th. We met one band member who plays banjo in Sydney, Australia last February. Thanks and peace

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